The EVH Wolfgang Standard Electric Guitar is a high-quality instrument that offers exceptional playability and tone. Designed in collaboration with rock legend Eddie Van Halen, this guitar combines classic design elements with modern features to create a versatile and powerful instrument.


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All Specifications EVH Wolfgang Standard Electric Guitar


  • Brand: EVH
  • Year: 2020
  • Configuration: HH
  • Strings: 6
  • Made in: Indonesia
  • Series: Wolfgang Standard
  • Left-Handed Version: No


  • Top: Quilt Maple
  • Type: Solid Body
  • Body Material: Basswood
  • Bridge: EVH-Branded Floyd Rose Special Locking Tremolo


  • Neck Joint: Bolt-On
  • Tuners: EVH-Branded
  • Fretboard: Baked Maple
  • Neck Material: Baked Maple
  • Decoration: Black Dot
  • Scale Size: 25.5″
  • Shape: Wolfgang Backshape
  • Thickness: 1st Fret: 0.79” (20.1mm) – 12th Fret: 0.88” (22.4mm)
  • Frets: 22 Jumbo
  • Fretboard Radius: 12″ to 16″
  • Nut: Locking
  • Nut Width: 41.3mm (1.625”)


  • Switch: 3 Way
  • Knobs: Dome
  • Volume Controls: 1
  • Tone Controls: 1
  • Bridge Pickup: Direct Mount EVH Wolfgang Humbucking (Humbucker / Passive)
  • Neck Pickup: Direct Mount EVH Wolfgang Humbucking (Humbucker / Passive)


  • Comfortable fretboard
  • A comfortable neck profile 
  • Comfortable body shape
  • Bridge that is easy to use
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Cheap Fret Wire

The Feature of EVH Wolfgang Standard Electric Guitar

Now, I will give you a detailed overview of EVH Wolfgang Standard electric guitar  features.

Country of Origin

A good way to tell how well an instrument is built is to find out where it was made. Some countries that make things are known for having better standards for quality. For instance, the US and Japan make the most expensive instruments. However, there are some truly great countries, like South Korea, that are making a name for themselves.

China makes the EVH Wolfgang Standard. A lot of people think that an Indonesian guitar is better than a Chinese guitar. Because the quality is so good and the prices are so low. Some people like to link them to guitars made in Japan in the 1980s when those master builders became famous.

Body & Neck

The EVH Wolfgang Standard’s body is made from a single piece of basswood, which is how most Wolfgangs have been made since the brand began. It has the same unique body shape that Eddie created himself, and we’ve found that it’s very comfortable to play while sitting or standing.

Also, the bolt-on neck is made in a way that looks and works like its bigger brothers. It is made from a single piece of maple and has two graphite-reinforcing truss rods. 

There is also a “spoke wheel” at the base of the neck that makes changes quick and easy. A hardwood fretboard with 22 jumbo frets is the cherry on top. The neck shape of Wolfgang’s guitars was scanned directly from Eddie’s guitars, which gives them a “worn-in” feel right out of the box.


It has been tried and true that Eddie’s custom pickups fixed directly to the body of the guitar give it a lot of power, tone, and sustain. Some clear single sounds and chords stand out. Getting the sought-after “brown sound” is easier than you think if you pair this with a good amp.

The playing action is so easy that it’s almost effortless to play chords and solos sound as smooth as silk. Ours was well set up when we got it, but if you take the time to make a few small changes, you’ll be amazed at how great the Standard looks, feels, and sounds. It’s hard to tell that it’s EVH’s base model.

Scale Length

Scale length is how far the strings will go from the bridge to the nut. It can tell you a lot about how easy the instrument is to play and how it sounds. A longer scale length means there is more space between the frets, which makes the sound brighter and adds stress to the strings. This lowers the action but makes it harder to bend the strings.

The EVH Wolfgang Standard has a 25.5″ scale length, which is longer than most other sizes. This is the same scale length that Stratocaster guitars use, which is one reason why they sound so bright. Compared to most guitars that aren’t baritones, it has a long scale.

It’s far between the bridge and the nut, so you’ll have to tighten the strings more to get them in tune. A few things will be possible because of this greater tension. The strings won’t “wiggle” too much when you pluck so that you can lower the action (move the strings closer to the fretboard). This will stop the fret buzz. And it will be easy to press down the strings quickly. This can let you use lower tunings without making the string gauge bigger.

However, there will be more space between the frets, which can make it harder to play, especially if you have small hands. The strings will feel harder because of the higher tension, so you will need to use more strength to bend them.


The well-known 3-way switch that most guitars have is on this one. But it depends on what you want to use your guitar for. Most players like 5-way switches because they give them more options.

There aren’t any more choices for coil split or coil tapping, which is a shame. Because of this, it’s not as flexible as some of its rivals.

Tone Analysis

The EVH Wolfgang Standard Electric Guitar is a versatile and high-quality instrument that is sure to impress musicians of all genres. Designed by legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen, this guitar features a solid basswood body, providing a balanced and resonant tone. 

The maple neck and fingerboard offer excellent playability, allowing for smooth and effortless fretting. Two powerful EVH Wolfgang humbucking pickups give this guitar a wide range of tones, from warm and mellow to aggressive and punchy.

The Floyd Rose Special double-locking tremolo system ensures exceptional tuning stability even during intense whammy bar use. The EVH Wolfgang Standard Electric Guitar is an excellent choice for players of all kinds due to its outstanding craftsmanship, sleek design, and outstanding sound quality.


It has pickups from EVH, which is one of the best names. You can expect pickups that are well-made, sound great, and will only need to be upgraded for a short time.

With passive mics, you can expect a fuller sound and a more even output level. The EVH Wolfgang Standard is set up in HH mode. You’ll get warmer tones and more output with this set of pickups than with single coils alone. 

Single-coil pickups make noise, but humbucker pickups get rid of it. This makes the tone warmer. This set of pickups isn’t just for loud sounds like Heavy Metal or Hard Rock. They’re also liked for Jazz, Indie, R&B, Blues, and other styles because they sound warm.


The EVH Wolfgang Standard Electric Guitar features a fretboard made from either maple or ebony, depending on the model. The choice of fretboard material can greatly impact the tone and playability of the guitar. 

Maple fretboards are known for their crisp tone and smooth feel, offering excellent note definition. On the other hand, ebony fretboards offer a slightly warmer tone with enhanced sustain and a sleek, smooth playing surface. 

Both options provide excellent playability and durability, allowing guitarists to achieve their desired sound and express their musical creativity with ease. 

Whether you prefer the bright attack of maple or the warm richness of ebony, the EVH Wolfgang Standard Electric Guitar offers exceptional quality and performance for musicians of all styles and skill levels.


Floyd Rose Special Locking EVH Tremolo. You can dive bombs and pinch harmonics with this type of tremolo bridge without going out of tune. This kind of bridge lets you do the most things, but it takes more work to set up your guitar properly, especially when you change strings.

Nut Material

The nut material is another important thing to look at because it is one of the most important parts that can change how your guitar sounds and how easy it is to play. It will stay in tune and be easier to play if the nut is cut well.

For this case, the EVH Wolfgang WG Standard has a nut that locks its position. This nut is different from most because it locks the strings in place and keeps them in tune even after a lot of tremolo use. They make the guitar more expensive, but this type of nut keeps the tune the best.

A useful extra is that it comes with a retainer bar for the closing nut. Without it, when you lock down the nut, the strings would change pitch, so you’d have to make more small tweaks at the bridge to get it tuned right.

Neck Joint

The neck joint is where the guitar’s neck connects to its body. Set-in, Bolt-On, and Neck-Through are the three main ways to connect the two parts. Neck-throughs are the most expensive, but the last two have different benefits.

The neck of this guitar is set up with bolts. A long time ago, this kind of neck was looked down upon, but now bolt-on necks are well-made and offer the same level of support as any other joint method. First, it’s easy and cheap to make since the neck is only attached to the body with 4 pins. You can also take the guitar with you more easily, change the neck if it gets broken, or get a better neck later on.

Neck Profile

When you cut the neck in half, the outline shows you its thickness (neck depth) and shape. Every difference will make the neck feel and be more comfortable in a different way. Even though everyone has their own opinion, most players do like certain necks, like Cs and Ds, because they feel good in most hands. The EVH Wolfgang Standard’s neck is about 0.79″ (20.1mm) thick at the first fret and 0.88″ (22.4mm) thick at the twelfth.

These measures came from either the official EVH website or, if that wasn’t available, from looking through a number of online forums and marketplaces where owners of this model have shared their measurements.

The neck is shaped like a C. People have been most interested in C-shaped necks like this for the past few years. They feel good in most hands, which is why. It has a thin neck that doesn’t get in the way when you play quickly, but it’s also heavy enough that you can comfortably hold chords if they are manageable.

Thin necks like this one make it easier to move your hand across the neck. This is especially helpful if you like to play high on the fretboard with your thumb free during fast melodies. Some people have weaker necks, though, and will need to be adjusted more often than people with thicker necks.


There are 22 frets on the EVH Wolfgang Standard. It’s nice to have 24 frets, but there’s a good reason to go with fewer frets the pickup will be farther away from the bridge. This makes the tone of the neck pickup warmer. If you play jazz or music like it, you might want this.

More frets are always better, though, if you don’t care about having a hot neck pickup. If you want to, it’s always nice to be able to play higher notes. The frets are nickel silver, which means they won’t last as long as satin steel frets. 

The frets need to be changed every few years if you play your guitar a lot. Most people change instruments before this happens, though, so it’s not likely to happen.


The EVH Wolfgang Standard is different when it comes to gear, but not by much. The guitar still has two EVH-branded humbuckers that are screwed directly into the body to help the sounds travel farther. The volume and tone pots are smooth 500k units that feel like they belong on guitars that cost a lot more.

The EVH Floyd Rose will keep its tuning even when you’re doing the most extreme dive bombs. The EVH D-Tuna device, which makes drop-D tuning very easy, is something we really would have liked to see included. Being without one isn’t the end of the world because almost every other guitar doesn’t have one, either. But if you like playing drop-D, they can be very useful.

EVH also makes the tuning machines and has a smooth, accurate tuning motion. It doesn’t come with a case or gig bag, but for the price of this guitar on the street, it will be easy to get one.

Best Use Of EVH Wolfgang Standard Electric Guitar

In a variety of musical genres, the EVH Wolfgang Standard Electric Guitar can be used as a versatile instrument. The instrument’s unique design and high-quality construction make it suitable for both professionals and beginners.

With its powerful pickups and smooth playability, the EVH Wolfgang Standard Electric Guitar is ideal for rock, metal, and blues styles. The guitar’s distinctive sound and tone make it well-suited for lead guitar work and solos. At the same time, its comfortable neck and fast action allow for effortless playing. 

Whether you’re performing on stage or recording in the studio, the EVH Wolfgang Standard Electric Guitar is sure to deliver exceptional sound quality and performance.

Final Words On EVH Wolfgang Standard Electric Guitar

The EVH Wolfgang Standard is different from your average cheap guitar despite its low price. When you first pick it up, it’s tempting to express your “inner Eddie,” but it won’t take long for you to see how useful it is in many situations.


What made EVH so good?

Although Eddie Van Halen did not create the two-handed guitar tapping method, he did perfect it with “Eruption,” and the sound of those flowing legato notes would become the hallmark of his playing.

Did EVH play out of tune?

Yes, you can Wolfgang on bass and Ed playing his out-of-tune guitar on a tuneful keyboard song. Ed’s monitor mix didn’t have any pianos, so he didn’t know he was out of tune. “That’s where all of that went,” Weber said.

What Amplifier did EVH use?

Eddie toured with dozens of Marshall Plexis and Superleads before trying out other types of amps, most notably the Signature Peavey 5150, which Van Halen later used for his work with Fender under the EVH brand.

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