7 Best Acoustic Bass Guitars: Our Top Picks 2024


7 Best Acoustic Bass Guitars: Our Top Picks 2024

Many musicians opt for electric bass guitars when it comes to playing the bass. However, if you’re looking for a more natural and organic sound, an acoustic bass guitar may be just what you need.

Acoustic bass guitars offer a unique tone that is perfect for unplugged performances or adds warmth and depth to your recordings. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which is best for you?

In this blog post, I’ll share top picks for today’s best acoustic bass guitars. We’ll discuss their features, sound quality, and overall performance to help you decide. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this guide will steer you in the right direction when finding the perfect acoustic bass guitar.

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What are Acoustic Bass Guitars?

An acoustic bass guitar is a type of instrument that looks like a regular guitar but is bigger and makes a lower sound. It has an empty body, and fingers are usually used to play it instead of a pick.

Most acoustic bass guitars have four strings, but you can get them with five or six strings. Getting the sound you want depends on choosing the right type of string.

Most acoustic bass guitars have steel strings, which give them a bright, punchy sound. Other acoustic bass guitars have nylon strings, which give them a smoother, more classical sound.

7 Best Acoustic Bass Guitars: Comparison Table

Product Name
Scale Size
Body Shape
Number of Strings
Neck Profile
Fender CB-60SCE Acoustic Bass
25.5 Inches
Concert bass
Spruce & Mahogany
Taylor GS Mini
23-1/2 Inches
Maple, Koa Wood & Ebony
Standard Carve
Martin Guitar BC
34 Inches
Rosewood, Mahogany & Spruce
Sawtooth Rudy Sarzo Signature Acoustic
34 Inches
Jumbo body shape
Maple & Ebony Wood
Fender FA-450 CE Acoustic Bass
32 Inches
Maple & Mahogany
Modern C”-shaped neck
Ibanez Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar
32 Inches
AEB body
Rosewood, Mahogany, Basswood & Spruce Wood
Maple neck
Cordoba Mini II Bass EB-E
22 ⅞ Inches
Small Body
Spruce & Ebony wood

7 Best Acoustic Bass Guitars: Details Review

This section will provide honest, detailed reviews of the top seven acoustic bass guitars. The reviews will help you understand the quality and features of every guitars.


  • Scale Size: 25.5 inches 
  • Body Shape: Concert bass  
  • Material: Spruce & Mahogany 
  • Number of Strings: 6 
  • Neck Profile: C – Shape

With excellent sound and electronics, the CB-60SCE is a mid-range bass guitar from Fender. Featuring a slim taper neck and a concert body, this Fender electro-acoustic bass is easy to play.

Benefit With Feature

The Fender brand is a great choice for mid-range guitars. The CB-60SCE lives up to and even exceeds all expectations. It features a concert body with a single cutaway, spruce, mahogany construction, and a simple black pickguard.

It is built with rock-solid quality. The rolled fingerboard neck and body shape make it a very easy instrument to play.

The sound quality remains exceptional, whether playing unplugged in your living room or rocking it out with a full setup at a packed venue. Concert-shaped speakers have wide lows and pure highs and trebles. It is always clear and well-defined, without any muddiness.

The preamp is also great since it emphasizes quality over quantity. You can alter the sound using basic controls, and the bass’s natural tone is faithfully reproduced.


  • Spruce top and mahogany body
  • An easy-to-play neck profile
  • A versatile amplifier from Fishman Electronics
  • An appropriate tone and action
  • Tuner built-in


  • The preamp only offers basic features
  • No case or accessories are included


  • Scale Size: 23.5 inches 
  • Body Shape: Small-body  
  • Material: Maple, Koa Wood, Ebony  
  • Number of Strings: 4 
  • Neck Profile: Standard Carve

This acoustic bass guitar features a beautiful Sitka spruce top, which enhances your sound while also giving the instrument a striking appearance. For such a renowned brand, it is expected to feature high-quality woods that are durable and produce pristine tones.

Benefit With Feature

The GS Mini-E is the guitar form of this beautiful little bass guitar. With a scale length of only 23.5″, it is easier for smaller players to handle. The back and sides are made of beautifully stacked figured maple. Solid Sitka spruce makes up the top.

The Taylor GS Mini-E is also ready for the stage. It comes with Taylor’s ES-B electronics, which are very good. This system uses a pickup behind the saddle instead of one under the seat. Since the pickup isn’t squished, you get a much more real live sound.

The Taylor GS Mini-E is amazing because it comes with D’Addario strings made just for it. They are made of phosphor bronze wrapped around a nylon core.

The Taylor GS Mini-E stands out if you want a high-quality acoustic bass because it has a smooth, beautiful rosewood fingerboard and bridge.


  • A tuner is included with the onboard preamp
  • Stable strings with two-prong bridge pins
  • Stable tuning with NuBone nut and Micarta saddle
  • High-quality construction
  • The sound is amazing


  • A longer scale may not suit some players
  • Some players might find it pricey


  • Scale Size: 34 inches 
  • Body Shape: Cutaway  
  • Material: Rosewood, Mahogany, Spruce  
  • Number of Strings: 4 
  • Neck Profile: Bass

This acoustic-electric bass guitar was handcrafted with high-quality wood to produce a deep sound.

Benefit With Feature

A Martin BC-16E Bass Guitar produces rich, unique tones. Made with East Indian rosewood and Sitka spruce, this remarkable instrument is suitable for various music styles.

Acoustic-electric bass guitar that’s great for unplugged sessions and plugged-in live performances. Its powerful acoustics are enhanced by its large auditorium design and scalloped forward-shifted x-bracing.


  • Quality that exceeds expectations
  • Crisp overtones and a deep, clear sound
  • An auditorium-style body with powerful volume
  • Professional design with a superior appearance
  • Made from high-quality wood


  • Little bit pricey
  • Not suitable for beginners


  • Scale Size: 34 inches 
  • Body Shape: Jumbo body shape  
  • Material: Maple & Ebony Wood  
  • Number of Strings: 4 
  • Neck Profile: C-Shape

The Sawtooth Rudy Sarzo Signature Acoustic is a top of the line acoustic guitar designed with renowned bassist Rudy Sarzo. This signature model features a solid spruce top, producing a rich, vibrant tone with excellent projection.

Benefit With Feature

With its solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides, this guitar delivers a rich, balanced tone perfect for strumming and fingerpicking. The unique sawtooth inlay on the fretboard adds a touch of style to the instrument. At the same time, the high-quality construction ensures exceptional playability and durability. 

Whether performing on stage or recording in the studio, the Sawtooth Rudy Sarzo Signature Acoustic is a reliable and versatile choice that will elevate your musical experience.


  • Made with high-quality wood
  • Newly designed neck support system
  • Available with or without fret
  • Deep and sound quality


  • Only one year warranty


  • Scale Size: 32 inches 
  • Body Shape: Standard  
  • Material: Maple & Mahogany  
  • Number of Strings: 4 
  • Neck Profile: Modern C”- shaped neck

With its gorgeous all-laminate construction and flame maple top, this Fender acoustic bass makes a beautiful visual statement and produces a warm tone. Maple and mahogany combine to create a rich, resonant tone suitable for beginners and seasoned musicians.

Benefit With Feature

The piezo pickup system allows this bass to be amplified while still retaining its natural sound. When you play bass acoustically or with amplification, this makes your playing sound great.

This bass features a modern 2×2 headstock design, cream binding, attractive “keystone” inlays, and a rosette, which enhances its stylish appearance. Viking bridges add elegance and ensure stable intonation, while NATO neck materials provide durability and comfort. Both its design and functionality are enhanced by the sunburst color finish.


  • High-quality design and construction
  • Tone that is warm and rich
  • A comfortable neck makes playing easier
  • Performs reliably with Fishman Electronics
  • Humidity-resistant laminate construction


  • There is no thumb rest
  • It is large enough to fit some gig bags


  • Scale Size: 32 inches 
  • Body Shape: AEB body  
  • Material: Rosewood, Mahogany, Basswood, & Spruce Wood  
  • Number of Strings: 6 
  • Neck Profile: Maple neck

Ibanez’s short-scale electro-acoustic bass guitar produces a modern tone and is perfect for various musical situations.

Benefit With Feature

The Ibanez Acoustic Bass Guitar is a remarkable combination of good looks and sound, featuring a beautiful mahogany body and top. Mahogany provides a deep, warm tone that boosts low and midrange frequencies.

The Ibanez Acoustic Bass Guitar has a short scale length. People with smaller hands or who prefer a more comfortable playing experience will appreciate the lower string tension. A maple neck and rosewood fretboard enhance the instrument’s stability and beauty.


  • It offers great sound quality
  • Well-made and lightweight
  • Maintains a good tune
  • Tone selection is wide
  • Neck and action are easily adjustable


  • It may require initial setup and adjustment


  • Scale Size: 22 ⅞ inches 
  • Body Shape: Small Body  
  • Material: Spruce & Ebony wood  
  • Number of Strings: 4
  • Neck Profile: C-Shape

With an extended scale length, Cordoba Mini II Bass provides a rich and robust sound when plugged in. It features a piezoelectric pickup, which amplifies the guitar’s natural warmth while preserving its rich tone. The versatility of this feature makes it ideal for various playing styles, making it a great choice for any musician.

Benefit With Feature

With its striped ebony back and sides, the Cordoba Mini II Bass looks great and sounds great. To customize the look, you can choose between two finishes – Ebony and Spruce Electric – made of sturdy and reliable materials.

Its comfortable mahogany neck and Pau Ferro fretboard made the Mini II easy to play. It’s suitable for all skill levels and lightweight so that you can concentrate on the music during long sessions.


  • It is very easy to learn and play for beginners
  • Good pickup for the price
  • A convenient tuner is built-in
  • Travel-friendly size
  • Tone with deep, resonant bass


  • Stock strings aren’t good
  • It could be better finished

How To Choose Alright Acoustic Bass Guitars For You?

There are several factors to consider when selecting an acoustic bass guitar. Before you buy your acoustic bass, you should familiarize yourself with these factors.


An acoustic bass guitar’s overall tone, volume, and playability are greatly influenced by its body size and form. A larger body size offers a more resonant and powerful sound with greater projection. These larger-bodied guitars are suitable for live performances, where a deeper tone is required to pierce through the mix of other instruments.


Like acoustic guitars, acoustic basses have different body shapes. The large body style is used to make a lot of these basses. This big body creates a very loud sound and projects very well.

You can even get an acoustic bass with a body resembling a musical guitar. This smaller body is great for smaller players or bassists who like a tight, focused sound. In the same way, the sound of the smaller grand concert body basses is focused and controlled, with just the right amount of notes.

Tonewood Selection

Tonewoods are an important part of every acoustic guitar and bass. The process is the same when choosing what tonewoods you like for acoustic basses. Here are some popular bass guitar tonewoods and how they can affect the sound:


It has a clear middle and a “punchy” sound that many bassists like.


Has excellent tone clarity and projection.


Its tone is similar to mahogany’s but with stronger trebles.


Make a tone that is balanced, clear, and sensitive.


The low end is tight and clear, and the highs are clear and bright.


The sound is warmer and mellower than that of spruce.


It has a similar tone to rosewood, but the midrange is more prominent.


It sounds like mahogany, but the treble notes are more noticeable.

Playability And Comfort

Playability and comfort are important things to think about when picking an acoustic bass guitar because they have a big effect on how long you can practice and play. As a singer, you need slim-taper neck bass guitars. They are very easy to play because they have a neck profile that makes it easy for beginners and more experienced players.

Also, light-model models can make playing for longer periods or while moving more comfortable. Putting playability and comfort first will help you enjoy your chosen instrument for years to come, no matter how good you are or how often you play it.

Electronics And Pickup System

When picking an acoustic bass guitar, you should also think about the electronics and pickup system, which greatly impact the sound quality and range of tones. 

Various pickup methods can improve your sound and should be considered while choosing the best acoustic bass guitar for your unique needs.

How To Clean Your Acoustic Bass Guitar?

Cleaning your acoustic bass guitar is essential for maintaining its appearance and performance. Follow the steps to clean your acoustics bass guitar properly:

Remove Starings

First, you need to remove all of the strings. Some people worry that removing all strings at once will harm the instrument. Manufacturers say it won’t. By eliminating the guitar strings, you can reach hard-to-reach nooks and corners. Those areas accumulate the most grime and dust.

Clean the fretboard

Fingerboards and fretboards are usually maples, rosewood, pau ferro, or ebony. Unfinished and unsealed wood is used in guitar construction, so it’s prone to drying out.

You need to clean up the muck first. Muck is a mixture of dirt, sweat, and dead skin you transfer from your fingers to the environment. Scrape it gently off with a credit card or a thin razor. Clean the fretboard with a cloth after brushing off the grime.

Clean or change the guitar strings

Using a cotton swab or cleaning cloth is the easiest way to clean the string. To maintain the strings, wipe them with a clean cloth after each session. Alternatively, you can use a string/fretboard cleaner.

When you keep putting off cleaning the strings, they can turn black. The sound of such strings will be dull and listless. It is important to clean them thoroughly or replace them. To restore the tone and sparkle, use isopropyl rubbing alcohol and a cleaning cloth for deep cleaning.

Clean And Polish The Body

There are two finishes for acoustic guitars: matte/satin or lacquered/glossy. Many boutique and premium guitars are finished with Shellac (French Polish). The surface of shellac is highly susceptible to scratches. Lacquer and gloss made from nitrocellulose are scratch-resistant and hard-wearing.

It is also essential to use a microfiber cloth to prevent scratches. When using nitrocellulose products, make sure they are nitrocellulose-safe. Try the polish on a small area on the back of the guitar as a ‘patch test’ if you cannot figure it out.

How To Store Your Acoustic Bass Guitars?

As important as cleaning your guitar, it’s also important to store it properly. Keeping your guitar properly when you’re not playing it can prevent any damage to your instrument and wear and tear. Check these things before putting your instrument away:

Tighten Any Loose Screws

If any screws are loose, tighten them. Vibrations in your instrument can loosen up the screws and bolts in your guitar while playing it. The loosening screws and bolts on your guitar can affect the sound and play ease over time. When tightening loose screws, keep a small guitar tool kit in your guitar case.

Store Your Guitar In The Right Environment

The wood of your guitar is thin and can easily warp, so there are better ideas than storing it in a humid environment. Keep your guitar in a dehumidifier if you live in a humid area. It is ideal to keep your guitar in a place with relative humidity between 45% and 55%.

Make Sure The Light Conditions Are Also Good

Ensure that your guitar is exposed to the right amount of light and temperature. You can crack and fade your finish faster when your light and temperature constantly change. Neither of these things will change the sound of your instrument, but they will weaken the wood, making your guitar more susceptible to damage.

To Store Your Guitar Securely, Use Your Strap Locks

If you don’t have any strap locks, buy a pair. Having a set of strap locks is very important if you play your guitar with a strap. These locks will keep your guitar looking great for a long time. Strap locks hold your guitar strap in place so that it won’t pop off. Strap locks prevent your guitar from coming loose from the strap while playing, which could cause you to drop it.

An accident like this could damage your guitar’s finish or crack its body. Strap locks are cheap so that you can pick them up at any music or guitar store. If you play guitar with straps, strap locks can keep your guitar from being stolen.

Keep Your Guitar In A Solid Case

Ensure that you keep your guitar in a case once all of this is completed. The best way to protect your guitar is to keep it in a case or gig bag. Your guitar can still be damaged even if you hang it on a wall or place it on a stand. You should store your guitar in a hard case to prevent any damage. If you don’t have a hard chance, a soft case or a gig bag will do a better job than leaving your guitar out.

Final Recommendation On Best Acoustic Bass Guitars

There is a certain charm to acoustic bass guitars; they are excellent instruments for practice and live performances. Acoustic bass is a great choice for gigging or playing in the bedroom.

The Fender CD-60SCE Acoustic Bass is a top-notch choice for any musician looking to add depth and richness to their sound. Its solid construction, rich tone, and versatile electronics make it one of the best bass guitars on the market.

You can also go with Martine Martin Guitar BC. This guitar features a solid Sitka spruce top, rosewood fingerboard, and gloss finish. With a rich, resonant sound, it is still lightweight and extremely comfortable to play.

Finally, all the products listed above have great sound quality and features. However, my recommendations will help you to choose the appropriate one by saving you valuable time. Consider my tips when choosing acoustic bass guitars.

That’s it. 

Have questions? 

Reach out to us and we will do our best to help. 

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